Thursday, October 18, 2007


I went for a long walk after class today. Fall has definitely arrived in Lund and while it is very chilly, the city is looking absolutely beautiful.

I've been waking up to foggy windows and frosted roofs. Every morning it becomes a little bit harder to get out of bed and leave behind my warm blankets, so I usually bundle up before I wander down to the kitchen for a cup coffee.

Tomorrow's temperature will top out at about 3 degrees celsius (37° F)! Brrrrrrr... It might be time to put away the flip-flops for good.


Sally said...

Ah, you can see why Swedes don't think we have seasons in California! (OK, they ARE subtle, but we do feel the seasonal change.)

Beautiful blue skies in your pictures. But, brrrr. I'm really going to have to figure out what to bring on my trip so I don't freeze to death.

Definitely put away the flip-flops. :-) I think I'm going to go out and get me a pair of

love your hat!

Epworth Berkeley said...

Dear Linnea,

Thanks so much for the's been a while since I've caught up with your adventure in Sweden.

There are all kinds of aside...and your reflections are great!



Carlotosway said...

Stay warm kid! We've still got beautiful weather her--70 degrees today, and a nice hot night for our kickball league game!

But there's really nothing quite like a real fall and winter. Its great now, but boy does it get cold! Remember how excited we were to see snow at that Swedish airport and how pissed everyone else was? That's how I feel in NYC during winter. It's all still a novelty to me so I get excited while everyone else is a bit depressed.

Keep it up! Enjoy everyday, have fun and be open to everything. You're doing great!