Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Another beautiful day, another trip to the beach.

And why not? Max arrived last night. I zoomed over to Copenhagen on the train to pick him up and after an hour and half, we zoomed back across the Oresund and up to Lund.

We've been a little stressed out because while he made it here safe and sound, his $6000 racing bicycle did not. It's officially "delayed baggage," but in truth KLM has no idea where it is. In a few weeks, he's traveling to Switzerland to compete in a race there, so he kind of needs it... but no word from KLM yet. So, a trip to the beach was definitely in order.

This afternoon it hit 80 degrees in Lund, perfect weather for a seaside picnic in Lomma.

The water there is cold! (Not as cold as the Pacific, but still chilly.) It's also very, very shallow. Look closely in the pictures... you can see that the people who are a hundred feet out into the water are still only waist deep. There must be a drop off somewhere, but we didn't swim out far enough to find out.

There was also a huge rain cloud that was thundering over Malmö, about 15 km south of where the beach is. It looked (and sounded) pretty threatening, but luckily it never rained, and it provided some convenient shade and thinned out the beach a bit (I think some people packed it in early).

Tonight we're going to visit the Museum of Sketches, which I visited a few weeks ago but is worth another trip. Check out their website for more info.

On Saturday we will leave for Stockholm. I'm very excited!



Sally said...

We'll keep our fingers crossed on the bike! In the meantime, just enjoy yourselves!

Betsy said...

Hey, there! Has Max's bicycle shown up yet? What a pain in the patoot! Have a good time in the meanwhile. Love ya!

bbElf (a.k.a. panda) said...

Pretty beach. I miss beaches you can wade and/or swim in.

And thank goodness that bike showed up!