Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Jag är på semester! (I’m on vacation!)

Seven weeks ago, I had just finished my final exams at UC Davis. I spent five frantic days packing (and panicking), and then took off for Sweden, where I was surrounded by new people and new things, overwhelmed by culture shock, and thrown into Swedish classes (with lots of homework), pretty much from the get go.

Now, with my classes finished, I finally get to enjoy my summer vacation! I am absolutely relishing the beautiful sunny weather (no rain, finally!) and waiting for Max to arrive so we can travel around Sweden.

Lund’s downtown was bustling with people on Saturday. As we walked through one of the main squares, Stortorget, we saw a group of Swedish musicians playing traditional tunes (that is city hall in the background). Several couples were dancing and onlookers clapped with the rhythm of the music. We stopped for a minute to take it all in. What a great city – this is one of the first times I’ve been in town on a weekend with nice weather, and everybody was out enjoying the sunshine, standing in line for glass (ice cream), and strolling through the city.

While downtown was nice, this is what was on my agenda: Lomma, a nice beach about 30 minutes west of Lund. Everyone in southern Sweden is thrilled to see some sunshine, and the beach was packed with bathing suit clad babies, frisbee and beer-toting youth, and vuxna (adults) too.

Melissa is one of the students who is only here for the summer, and we agreed that a trip to the beach was exactly what we needed to relax after stuffing our brains with Swedish grammar and verb conjugations.

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. From the beach you could see Malmö and the Öresundsbron (the Oresund Bridge, which connects Sweden and Denmark). Sailing boats were gliding out of the small harbor out into the sea… I wish I knew someone with a boat!

Max arrives very, very soon, and then we are off to Stockholm, Uppsala, Göteborg, and Säffle (the town where my mom lived for a year!) by train. Should be fun!

More soon,


Sally said...

Ah, this is the first word that comes to mind in Swedish!

härlig [²h'ä:rlig] härligt härliga adj.

English translation
wonderful, glorious, lovely, delightful


* en härlig sommardag---a glorious summer's day
* en härlig måltid---a delicious meal

Hope you have many "härliga" days to come in the next couple of weeks! Enjoy!

bbElf (a.k.a. panda) said...

Wow...so are you feeling confident about the language? The length of time it takes to feel comfortable always interests me, seeing as how I still can't speak a language that I spent nearly 10 years studying. Then again, I never lived in a country where that was the primary language...

Maria said...

Jag tycker att det är jätteroligt att läsa din blogg! Jag bor i Lomma och du har verkligen lyckats få snygga foton på byn:)

Hur länge har du studerat svenska?
Hoppas du förstår mig:)