Thursday, July 05, 2007

By the way...
Feel free to comment on my blog postings, even if it's just to say hello! It's nice to know who's reading my blog. :-) Just click the "comments" link at the end of each post.

We're getting lots of rain in southern Sweden. It's causing problems in areas like Småland, where dams are bursting, and generally making everyone in Sweden grumble -- you call this summer? Where's the sun??

The 4th of July was a bit rainy but cleared up just in time for an 8PM BBQ on the lawn outside my dorm, complete with beer, meat, apple crisp, and thirty rowdy American and Swedish students. Lots of fun! Today, it poured, and when I walked past yesterday's BBQ spot, it was flooded with five inches of water! (I keep telling the rain to move along to somewhere it's needed, like California, but it's not listening to me so far.)

Tomorrow: Island of Ven. In the rain. :-) I'll keep you posted!


Sally said...

Hey, we're out here reading! You may have to assume it's like calling your Congressperson. Don't they figure that for every 1 who calls, there are a whole bunch who don't? :-)

(This is not to say to the rest of you that *I'm* the one who's going to don't want ALL the comments to be from the MOM, do you?!)

--The Mom

Sarah said...

Hi Linnea -

This isn't really Sarah, she's still in Costa Rica, but I'm using her account because it's what's on my machine! I absolutely LOVE reading your blog. I just got caught up.

Loring and I are experiencing our own culture shock with no teenagers in the house for over a month...hmmm, sure sounded better than the reality of it. Sometimes it's just lonely and boring!! I'm sure that within a day of them returning I'll think, "Boring was good!"

I will do my best to keep in touch - I still remember how important it was to hear from people when we were on our year-long adventure.

Are you having the final Harry Potter delivered to your dorm? If you don't have it set up yet let me know and I'll order it for you - just give me your mailing address! Also, when does the movie come out in Sweden?

Thanks again for the blog! And when it gets tough, know that there are MANY of us out here who love you and know that you can do this - even though it's hard!!!

All my love,

yellowbug said...

Hey Linnea! Your travel pictures are great - hope you are having a good time and your Swedish is going well!

Scott said...


Great to read of your adventures. I especially liked the pix of the lynx, the baby lynx and the moose.

Scott Mace

punky bruiser said...

Keep it up kid.


(I think i'm signed in as my roommate)

Linnea said...

Yay! Thanks for the comments, and thanks for reading!

Meg said...

Carl? Punky Bruiser? I never knew!