Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Malmö, Malmö, Malmö, MFF! Malmooooooooö!

Looks like I need to back track a little bit, so let’s go back in time to last Tuesday:

At the brilliant suggestion of one of my classmates, a group of us went to see a soccer game in Malmö. I eagerly forked over 165 kronor to see Malmö FF play against Djurgården IF, a team from Stockholm and Malmö FF’s archrival.

Utilizing my 8-kronor-per-ride Sommarkortet, we took a bus from right in front of our dorm to Malmö (Swedish public transportation, how I adore thee) and then walked five blocks to Malmö Stadion, which seats about 27,000 people and was built for the World Cup in 1958.

We stocked up on Malmö t-shirts and scarves (surprisingly inexpensive compared to what you’d pay in the U.S.) and grabbed hot dogs, beer, and chocolate (also VERY cheap as far as sporting events go) before heading to our seats.

Then the fun began. We learned some cheers (see title of this post), the word “goal” (Mål!!!) and how much Swedes love their soccer.

Djurgården IF scored the first goal, but Malmö countered with another goal in the second half of the game. This is how they celebrated:

(This would NOT go over well in the United States… it was pretty exciting!)

The game ended in a tie, which is a shame because Malmö FF’s offense missed a few very key opportunities… however, it was a lot of fun and I got a few really great Swedish souvenirs.

Heja Malmö FF!

P.S. Thanks to Karen and Mia for letting me swipe some photos!


Betsy said...

Hey, there, fellow Harry Potter fan! Just a quick question about the "fire" in the soccer fans stand - what the heck is it? Fireworks of some sort or an actual fire?! Egads!

Linnea said...

You know, I have NO CLUE what they used to make that huge burst of fire. If I was in JK Rowling's world, I would think "ahhh! Death eaters!!"

But no, apparently they do this every game, every time Malmo scores a goal. So, it must be something relatively safe, or they wouldn't keep doing it.

It was very cool to watch!!

Sally said...

That "bonfire" makes the Cal cannon look quite tame by comparison! Did the crowd get rowdy? Any shirtless, painted fans?

Sally said...

Someone at work told me that those are probably flares. It's fire to me.

Scott said...

I just found out that Thule world headquarters is in Malmö. Every Thule bike rack has "Sweden" printed on the rack.