Friday, November 09, 2007

The Best of Both Worlds

Last night was girls' night. I met up with five of my closest UC friends and we spent hours and hours laughing, talking, and eating delicious treats.

Drawing on the best of Swedish and American culture, we...

...munched on pepparkakor, äppelkaka with vaniljsås, chokladkaka with hallonsås, and some grapes and chocolate chip cookies, too. Swedish Cosmopolitan, British Glamour, and American mags Jane and Oprah (best articles: "is your handbag killing you?" and "kärlek på distans").

...talked in Swenglish about our lives. (“usch!” “vad sa du?” “toppen!”)

...we watched the Little Mermaid in Swedish!! (Hilarious.)

And we tried not to mention the fact that we will all be going home in just 7 weeks. I’m going to miss Sweden -- the culture and the people -- a lot.


Sally said...


The applecake looks both delicious and authentic! Did one of you make it?

Linnea said...

Yep, I did! We got a copy of the recipe in Swedish class when were were learning about the passive form. Tillsätts 2 dl mjölk...

It got rave reviews. :-)

Kate Hetland said...

Too funny. We had a girl's night on that very evening as well. Sadly it was more centered around bars than pajamas. Oh well. The cake looks soooo good.