Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Parting Shots

Sunday through Tuesday went something like this:

We shopped til we dropped. We ate ourselves silly at restaurants everyday for lunch, but cooked our own dinner (with salad!) almost every night. We laughed (at ourselves and at the Swedes). We braved the cold weather, bundled in our scarves and hats and gloves. We visited museums full of art and Swedish culture. We spent hours walking around town on skyltsöndag, marveling at the beautiful city of Lund.

We spoke Swedish.... well, a little. My mom spoke a lot, to everyone from cashiers to my korridor mates. I stuck to English for the most part, and used my Swedish skills as usual: only when necessary. For example, I yelled at a taxi driver – at 4:45AM on Tuesday morning – who refused to believe that I had previous experience with fitting large cardboard bike boxes into not-so-large station wagons. (And I have to say, between the two of us, our Swedish is pretty darn good).

And, of course, we had a lot of fun.

Then my mom was back to the States. Vi ses snart, mamma!

Gotta go... I have some schoolwork to catch up on!



E.O'B. said...

Yer ma's a biscuit.

She make sandwiches too?

Linnea said...

Salads, actually. Damn good salads.

See you in January, E!