Saturday, November 10, 2007

Snow (really!) and the post-party report

I woke up this morning around 11AM and heard what sounded like raindrops hitting my window... except different. I got up, opened the blinds, and saw huge white flakes spiraling down from the clouds.

I ran outside in my sweats and caught this video. Can you tell I'm excited? When I went into the kitchen to grab breakfast, I asked my Swedish korridor-mates, "Did you see the snow???" and they just laughed, nodded, and went back to watching TV. (I'm a silly Californian, I know.)

Last night, a UC friend hosted a "Date Dinner Party Potluck" in her korridor. According to the Facebook invite, there were a few rules:

1. You MUST bring a date (girls can ask guys- no biggy there)
2. You MUST bring a dish to share
3. You must treat the occasion like a DATE dinner, even if it is strictly platonic.
4. Must wear something nice
5. Must bring your own booze
6. You MUST come with a smiling face :)

I asked my awesome friend Steve from UCLA if he would be my date -- no problem! We decided to bring homemade pizza -- yummy. I was armed and ready with a black, the-price-was-right dress from H&M. And since I really wanted to get some studying done the next day, I brought a Kivik's apple cider and called it good.

And, per number 6, of course I was smiling! Most of my good UC friends were there. Here I am with my "date" Steve:

Our four, homemade pizzas were devoured almost instantly:

Lots of wonderful people were there...

Time to write my paper (before my mom arrives next week!)

Have a wonderful weekend,


Sally said...

It's Saturday morning. I woke up at 6:20 (sigh), eyes wide open, brain already whirring, making a mental list of all the things that need to be done before I go! I'm heading off to work soon to get some projects completed there so I can go to the Cal vs USC game this afternoon. Go Bears!!

See you very soon!

Kate Hetland said...

Cute dress! H&M is a real life saver. I wish more people here would have fancy dinner parties. Looks like fun!

Betsy said...

Speaking of parties...we're looking forward to having everyone here in Lodi after Christmas! Caryn will be here from TN, Colleen & Samvel from Sacramento, Fiske-Phillips from Redlands, Nasmans from Berkeley & NYC, you recently of Sweden (!), and Gram, Betsy, and Jackie Rowan (the cat) from...Lodi! 'Twill be a houseful of fun! But there probably won't be any snow. :(

We're having Thanksgiving with a smaller-than-usual group - Colleen & Samvel will be here, along with your dad & brother, Gram, me, and Jackie R. Colleen is going to invite one of her co-workers and her friend to join us.

I've ordered a 20Q from which will hopefully be here by then. Have you played with one before?